what I've learned | knitting on the road

Over the Christmas break my car traveled many miles across the state of Texas. Home. Austin. Houston. Austin. Home. 

Normally my driving adventures are done alone with a few audiobooks and podcasts to keep me company. This time Apple Guy not only accompanied me on half of my drives, but he drove most of the way. This offered me the freedom to create something with my hands as we traveled. 

the road

So I started to knit.

And then I started over. 
And then I started over again. 
And then I started over again. 
Until I had started over around 9 times. 

This is a perfect example of the difference between curated life and real life. Curated life shows me knitting rows upon rows with my feet propped up in the car. Real life shows me laughing as I unravel each row over and over again and set out to try it “just one more time.” 

purple yarn

Though I had envisioned returning home with another scarf to show you, life is okay. I still really enjoyed the process of knitting and I am far from a quitter!

Biggest lesson I’ve learned: not having a physical product at the end is okay. 

It’s okay!