the shuffle | when you know it's right

When you date an Apple Guy, the gifting standards are pretty high. Especially during your first Christmas together. 

What do you get a techie/applegeek like yourself? Well. Thankfully he’s a list maker like I am so he sent me a list of things he’d love. Some were as simple as socks and others as big dream as Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtips [yeah, apparently it’s a thing]. When I saw that he wanted a iPod shuffle, I laughed.

identical ipod shuffle

Why would the man who has all of the Apple things want a shuffle? I didn’t question but quickly contacted another Apple friend who helped a sister out. 

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. 
   I gave him a red shuffle
   He gave me a red shuffle

But his was special. He had carefully curated 50 of the songs that best outlined the first 27 years of his life and put them on my tiny red shuffle. And what a gift that was.

Meaningful gifts really are worth the most.

What gifts have you received that have meant the most to you? Sometimes they come not on Christmas Eve but on a random Tuesday in July.