the scarf | the real steal

A conversation that Apple Guy and I have often is about the quality of the things we buy. I would rather have a few nice things than a room full of things I wouldn’t miss if they were gone. 

With that being said, I love myself a good steal. 

In my December Birchbox I received a $10 credit to Gap. Sad thing, my hometown lost our Gap this past year #toosoon.

While I was in Houston visiting Apple Guy, I spent some time exploring on my own. One of my biggest accomplishments during this time, besides finally finding two good pairs of jeans and being able to get to my favorite Houston spots WITHOUT SIRI, is this scarf. 

Here’s the long story short: 
   Reg. $34.95
   On Sale for $27.99
   And 60% off makes it $11.30
   Minus $10 credit = a whopping $1.30
   Which I paid in cash. 
   All I do is win. 
   And wear brightly colored scarves in the winter.