hey, it's 2015 [!!!]

So it's about that time. The time we look inward and make a list of things we want to change or to do or to be. I don’t like new years resolutions because it feels like an assignment that’s impossible to complete. Let’s not do that. 

macbook pro coffee agora

So this is the unfinished, unrefined list of things I want to do this year: 

READ more. fiction. non-fiction. oh and listening to audio books totally counts. 
LISTEN. like really listen. to music. and podcasts. and people.
- BLOG. be the blog I want to read. an extension of who I am. 
- MOVE every week. let's make that 25 minute run feel like a warmup in 2015.
- LEARN something new about my Apple Guy every day.
- SECOND every day. do this again. even when it's hard.
- INSTAGRAM more. for me. not the interwebs. 
- FIND my creative passion and PURSUE it. 
- Take that REALLY big leap of faith. because we all know it's going to be worth it. 

Two things I love:
1. The only way I can get 2015 wrong is to do nothing.
2. Posting these doesn’t mean I HAVE keep up with all of the things. I just means I really want to. 

What do you want to happen in 2015? or really in January 2015 for that matter! 

OH. I cannot wait to share with you the new goal setting tool I've adopted for this year. Keep an eye out, friend.