two for friday

I'm a serious fan of Thanksgiving break. 

Today is the first time I've been back to Houston since I met my Apple Guy and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be here. I drove his daily commute [makes my 15 minute trek across town seem like a run across the street] and walked the floor of his store [and quickly walked out, I don't handle crowded places well... ha].

I'm excited to continue to explore Houston and drink as much iced coffee as I can handle these next few days.

Today as I drove to Houston I was accompanied by Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs on Audible. I simply cannot learn enough about this man and the industry he pioneered. Like, I'm totally nerding out y'all. 

Oh and I also treated myself to a little Thanskgiving/Christmas/SummerSchoolMoneyIActuallyMeantToSpendOnMyself gift and bought this staple necklace

How has your #blackfriday been? Any black eyes? Black eyed peas? Wait, that's New Years...