fireside family night

5 years ago I started attending "family night" every Monday at my best friend's home. I had no idea that years later, even after my best friend moved away, I'd still be attending Lackey family night every week. 

Tonight we were welcomed with warm embraces, filled our bellies with homemade frito chili pie and promptly cooled ourselves down with some oddly delicious Christmas Cookies Blue Bell ice cream. After we could eat no longer we adjourned to the fireside to discuss the finer things in life, aka college women's basketball.

The impact the Lackey's have had on my life extends far greater than a weekly meal around the table. Their genuine care for my story is such a beautiful example of what it looks like to purposefully love on those around you. I pray that some day I may be able to bless friends and family with my home the way the Lackey's have blessed me with theirs. 

* Don't tell the Lackey's, but the real reason I come every week is for this nugget of joy, Maggie. Let's please take a minute and just marinate in the preciousness that is this photo.