a sunday snow day

As I checked my weather app Saturday night to prep myself for the upcoming week I laughed when I saw the snow icon on my Sunday forecast. 80 degrees in Texas the week prior doesn't lend itself well to precipitation falling as snow a few days later.

Sure enough when I walked to my car after church this morning a layer of ice had made itself at home on my car. Within an hour snow had taken over the skyline and the roads. 

I then secluded myself in my home and knocked out my work/grown-up/creative to do list with a cup of hot chocolate chai in my hand. 

A few hours into my warm evening alone I received the best email I've received all school year. 

A 2 hour delay on Monday. 

Cue: angels getting their wings. 

With a cause for celebration I pulled out my old Blogshop materials and something epic happened.

Come back tomorrow for a little #flashbackfriday!

Side note: Words cannot begin to express how loved I feel by your support of Ashley Joanna. I am so thankful that this dream of mine is finally coming to fruition!