12 lists | 7: most used apps [iphone edition]

I’m sharing this month’s list in a series format. Each of my devices have very different roles in my life and the apps I use most often vary depending on the device. 

So today, I’m sharing the apps I use most often on my iPhone.

12 Lists | 07 a list of the apps you use most often


No surprise here! I love scrolling through images of overhead foot shots, adorable baby hashtags and posed puppies. Follow me here

Most Used iPhone Apps: Instagram |


I'm a sucker for free apps. Especially those that are designed well, engaging, and rewarding. I stumbled upon Elevate aka: "your personal brain trainer" about a month ago and have loved playing the 3 brain games each day. Working out your brain counts as working out, right?  

Upon further research, Elevate won Apple's 2014 App of the Year. Great minds.

Most Used iPhone Apps: Elevate |


A must have for me when I'm feeling "stuck." Sometimes all it takes is seeing a picture to spark a recipe idea, a watercolor to make me want to pull mine out, or a Web Dev. pin to get me in the mood. Follow my pins here

Most Used iPhone Apps: Pinterest |


My favorite thing about Twitter is the relationships can be built on this simple 140 character platform. And for the record, the web developer community is the nicest community I've been apart of on Twitter. So nice. Say hello to me here

Most Used iPhone Apps: Twitter |


Feedly is my current blog reader & I'm a huge fan. I love organizing the blogs I follow [always an editing process for me] and having them at my fingertips. I never miss a post! However, my favorite Feedly device is my iPad. More on that next time. 

Most Used iPhone Apps: Feedly |


The Apple Watch's activity app and I have an relationship. Real talk: July wasn't my best month in terms of closing all my activity rings [pink: active calories burned, green: active minutes, blue: hours I stood]. BUT it was #1milejuly and I did get at least that one mile in every day!  Pst: the 15th I didn't wear my Apple Watch [promise I wasn't THAT lazy ha!]. 

Most Used iPhone Apps: Activity |


After living with Apple Music for a month, I'm a fan. As someone who isn't a self-proclaimed "music person," it's nice to be able to have access to human-curated playlist to guide my music discovery. Also, apparently I'm kind of a playlist hoarder. 

Most Used iPhone Apps: Apple Music |


Have I said before how much I love a good podcast? Well, it's true. The podcast app allows me to subscribe and listen to my favorite shows so I can listen to them on my long drives across Texas or my #1mileaugust runs. 

Pst: An updated list of favorites and must-listen to episodes is coming soon

Most Used iPhone Apps: Podcasts |

What are your most used iPhone apps? Make a list of yours, share it, and be sure to submit your post to the link-up here. Happy list-making! 

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