Podcast Love | February

In any given week I listen to at least 10 podcasts. At least. 

I’m constantly sending episodes to my people, telling them what they need to listen ASAP and wanting the whole world to know how wonderful the world of podcasting is. 

Podcast Love | February

So without further ado, here are my podcast picks of February! 

Episode: Operation Mincemeat: How A Corpse Fooled the Nazis
Not normally a war history buff, this right here is as interesting as The Imitation Game. In fact, they’re actually connected. 

Episode: The End of the Calorie
Pretty sure I never truly understood the science behind the measurement of the much agonized over ‘calorie.’ And now we’re not even sure if it’s an accurate measurement? Cue the drama & intrigue. 

Episode: A $250,000 Productivity Habit to Get Important Stuff Done with Alex Ikonn
Okay this title is total cheeseballs in my opinion, BUT I have an entrepreneurial crush on Alex Ikonn and loved his previous episode. Also, productivity and habits are totally on my brain these days. Oh and also, Jess is probably my favorite podcast interviewer like ever.

Episode: Anatomy Of A Scam
Need a quick podcast to join you on your errands around town? Planet Money is always an interesting and enlightening fave. This episode in particular fired me up and made me want to call important people all at the same time. 

Episode: Managing Clients
Being a new Boss myself, I totally look up to Kathleen and Emily and this episode on managing clients (not letting them manage you) is helping me in the formation of my own business. 

Episode: 8 Glasses of Water a Day? Humbug! Dr. Aaron Carroll Debunks This and Other Modern Health Myths 
Gosh I love this cheesy food podcast. That is all.  

Take a listen and let me know what your favorites are!  

What I Learned Watching a Marathon

This weekend I chased Apple Guy around Austin as he owned 26.2 miles. 

Here's what I learned: 

1) Marathons make me emotional in the best way. Like total goosebumps & tears watching people give it their all at the 14 mile mark, the 21 mile mark and the finish. 

2) The sign game is strong out on the streets. Favorites include: ‘Hello from the lazy side’ & ‘Y’all are crazy’ & ’You’re running better than the government.' I'll have to up my game for the next race. 

3) I have mad love and respect for my guy. I run 3 miles and we can call it a day. The endurance and sheer mental strength needed to run 26.2 miles is awe inspiring. 

Will I ever run a marathon? Who knows. All I know is that if I do, there better be dark chocolate at the end.

Although I can say that after watching Apple Guy own his second marathon, I pushed myself a little further this week on my runs.

Motivational for the reals y’all. 

Fitness Whole Cookie in My Mouth: A Wellness Journey | 01

Oh how I love that title #👟🍪😂

Fitness Whole Cookie in My Mouth: A Wellness Journey

Before we go any further, let’s chat about what this series is NOT going to be: 

  • A detailed account of my health journey 
  • An advice column on how to live a healthy life

Simply enough, this is my little health corner. It’s a space to share things that are working for me, document my running & workout journey, and just chat it up about anything that falls under the “health” genre. Cool? Cool. 

Here’s what’s worth sharing this month: Daily Burn

I started the 30-day free trail from Daily Burn and I’m obsessed. Honestly, I felt a tad embarrassed signing up for the trial. Whyyyyyyyyyy is that? But once I tried it, I was hooked. Here’s why:

  • It’s available on ALL my devices (including my new Apple TV) and it’s totally on demand.
  • There are new workouts posted every morning that are filmed live in NY & I love, love, love the variety.
  • It’s in my house, not a gym. Enough said.
  • It’s challenging & encouraging & educational.

The bottom line: I feel better about being in my body than when I started a few weeks ago & I’m a fan.

Not a fan of gyms? A fan of gyms? You should try it. Seriously.