taking back september | a running update

It’s about to get real up in here, friends. 

Coming off of my #1milejuly success, I assumed that the habit I developed of running at least one mile every day would transfer into future months.

Not quite. 

September Running Journey Update |

My original August plan was titled 50/50 August because I wanted to alternate running one mile and practicing yoga. The plan worked beautifully for the first week. But then I allowed myself make excuses. 

Jesus knows I could make excuses all day:
- Traveling threw me off
- My body couldn’t possibly run the way I ran in July
- I’m too tired after teaching all day
- There’s too much else to do

Fact: the last mile I ran was the day I left for Florida, August 10th. 

It would be very easy to admit defeat at this point.

But then I think back to my running journey these last few years. Running one block and feeling like I was going to die, to running up to an hour at a time is no small feat. I can’t let one month of inactivity make me a quitter. 

I’m taking charge of my running journey again. Not looking for perfection, but for miles. Every day I put my running shoes on and head out the door is a victory, no matter how long the run. 

One thing I know about myself and running is that if I don’t plan for a run, it won’t happen. So, I’m committing to taking back September one day at a time.

My goal is to run at least 8 times for the remainder of the month. It’s a small goal, but it’s exactly what is going to get me back in the game. 

my running & yoga plan [50/50 august]

Today I ran my 31st mile in 31 days.  

[Insert 10 party hat emojis here.]

50/50 August #1mileaugust #30daysofyoga |

In the 31 days of running a mile every day during #1mileJuly, I learned a few simple things:

  • Stretching is non-negotiable.
  • Good gear [shoes & clothes] are more important than you’d think. 
  • I’m a morning runner. 
  • It is possible to run 1 mile every day. 
  • I do really well when I have a plan. 

Taking that last lesson a step further, August is here tomorrow. And I need a plan. 

1. Continue running
2. Incorporate beginning yoga

SO, I'M GOING 50/50:

Half of August is going to be #1mileAugust.

Half of August is going to be #30daysofyoga

Every other day I’ll either run a mile or practice yoga. I’ll still be tracking my miles using my Apple Watch and will be following along this 30 Days of Yoga video series on YouTube. 

I am not a yoga gal. Yet. I stumbled upon Adriene's non-hokey yoga channel and fell in love with her hilarious, but very realistic yoga practices. Not quite sure about it? Try Day 1. Or just watch it. It is seriously not as bad as I would have thought. 

Saturday, August 1: Day 1 of Yoga
Sunday, August 2: Run a mile
Monday, August 3: Day 2 of Yoga
Tuesday, August 4: Run a mile
Wednesday, August 5: Day 3 of Yoga

Following this track, I’ll be finished with the #30daysofyoga at the end of September and will have racked up approximately 31 more miles of running. 

Who cares! The point is that I’m moving, running, and yoga-ing. This plan is here as a specific guide to help me do these things but isn’t a non-negotionable plan. 

I’m looking forward to switching things up around here. 

Care to join? Use the hashtags #1mileAugust and #30daysofyoga & participate in either or both!

* In an upcoming month I want to build my running distance, but I know myself well enough to know that August is not going to be that month. Stay tuned for that plan. 

#1milejuly | 3.5 weeks

My stomach begs for food as soon as I wake up. But, before I give in, I immediately put my favorite running outfit on and after a few stretches, I’m out the door for my morning run. 

#1milejuly | week 3.5 |

Now before you are too impressed, it’s just a mile. But gee, it sure is a mile. 

A few months ago I was running up to an hour at a time. Those days feel so long ago. Not long after I fell and injured the same knee twice, I almost fell off the running wagon completely. But recently I decided to do something about that. So #1mileJuly was born. 

Running only 1 mile every day in July sounded incredibly manageable. In fact, it is! Running is now a non-negotionable in my morning routine. 

But, it hasn’t always been easy. For 2 weeks I was running primarily on a treadmill [because Houston’s humidity is no joke] so when I started running outside on neighborhood streets again, I was on the struggle bus. Road running felt 10x harder than a treadmill. But the more I do it, the easier it gets. 

I’ve also been stretching before each run these last few weeks and have noticed a difference in my flexibility and the way my legs feel during and after running. Imagine that. 

I’ve really found my time of day groove. My runs are best done very first thing in the morning. I can ride on my accomplishment all day instead of looking negatively upon the fact that “I still have to get my run in tonight” before winding down for the day. Also, I’m 110% a morning person so it’s pretty much in my DNA to get out there and get it done.

#1milejuly &  Get To Work Book

And finally, having my runs scheduled into my Get to Work Book every day before July even started was a HUGE motivator for me to knock out each run, especially in the beginning. Definitely continuing this practice. 

Now that we’re 27 days & at least 27 miles into #1milejuly [THAT’S MORE THAN A MARATHON!] I’m looking forward to August. I do know that if I don’t have a plan before August gets here, we’ll be in trouble. 

What is that plan? You’ll have to wait until Friday to find out.

Spoiler alert:  I’m still mulling over what makes the most sense for my travel plans next month and my endurance goals. BUT it will be something that you are more than welcome to join me on again. Slow and steady, right?