january in review

In an effort to remember my most favorite parts of 2015, I've decided to document each month as they pass. Enjoy!

Here’s what happened: 
- Rang in the new year with Apple Guy 
- Spent a weekend in Austin with my best friend
- Baked a pie
- Discovered my love for breakfast quinoa
- Rearranged my living room to include a spot for my desk
- Blogged every week day
- Taught the algorithm for addition and subtraction, the water cycle & weather
- Bought original art
- Read 0 books
- Listened to All Sides Gone by Moby & Suite No. 1 in G Major by Yo-Yo Ma on repeat
- Watched the finale of Parenthood
- Ran 27.9 miles
- Baked these cupcakes

it is finished

In it's imperfect form, my first infinity scarf is finished. 

This scarf means....

  • I can start and finish something I've never done before.
  • I can make mistakes and things will still turn out alright. 
  • I have found something that I absolutely love to do. 
  • I cannot wait to get started on my next project.