Podcast Love | February

In any given week I listen to at least 10 podcasts. At least. 

I’m constantly sending episodes to my people, telling them what they need to listen ASAP and wanting the whole world to know how wonderful the world of podcasting is. 

Podcast Love | February

So without further ado, here are my podcast picks of February! 

Episode: Operation Mincemeat: How A Corpse Fooled the Nazis
Not normally a war history buff, this right here is as interesting as The Imitation Game. In fact, they’re actually connected. 

Episode: The End of the Calorie
Pretty sure I never truly understood the science behind the measurement of the much agonized over ‘calorie.’ And now we’re not even sure if it’s an accurate measurement? Cue the drama & intrigue. 

Episode: A $250,000 Productivity Habit to Get Important Stuff Done with Alex Ikonn
Okay this title is total cheeseballs in my opinion, BUT I have an entrepreneurial crush on Alex Ikonn and loved his previous episode. Also, productivity and habits are totally on my brain these days. Oh and also, Jess is probably my favorite podcast interviewer like ever.

Episode: Anatomy Of A Scam
Need a quick podcast to join you on your errands around town? Planet Money is always an interesting and enlightening fave. This episode in particular fired me up and made me want to call important people all at the same time. 

Episode: Managing Clients
Being a new Boss myself, I totally look up to Kathleen and Emily and this episode on managing clients (not letting them manage you) is helping me in the formation of my own business. 

Episode: 8 Glasses of Water a Day? Humbug! Dr. Aaron Carroll Debunks This and Other Modern Health Myths 
Gosh I love this cheesy food podcast. That is all.  

Take a listen and let me know what your favorites are!  

I took myself on a date this weekend

I took myself on a date this weekend

And it was the best.

Plans to see Apple Guy were postponed until the New Year (boooooo) and Apple Guy felt terrible that we were unable to see each other, so in his sickly state he did two incredibly thoughtful things:

  1. He sent me Gordon Ramsay’s audiobook via Audible “to help pass the time.” We all know how I feel about GR. Also, good gosh, so much respect for Ramsay. I encourage a listen to his autobiography, Humble Pie

  2. He sent me a movie ticket to see Sisters via Fandango. Not only did this force me to leave my house, but it allowed me to fulfill one of my 25ish things I want to do before I turn 25, see a movie by myself. The movie was hilarious & I fully enjoyed seeing a movie alone. Both armrests to myself, guys!

With both of these gifts, I decided to turn what could have been a bummed out Saturday into a date with myself doing all the things I love.

I added a few miles to my running tally
I redeemed a free coffee from Starbucks (venti please!)
Camped out at Barnes & Noble for 3 hours with my favorite books
Left Barnes & Noble with only 2 books in hand
Indulged in a burger & fries from In-N-Out
Capped off the evening with the viewing of Elf in my bed

A few takeaways:

  1. The internet is amazing. Thanks to it, Apple Guy was able to love on me from afar in ways not possible before.

  2. Dates by yourself are almost as great as dates with your person. You get to do all your favorite things, stay as long as you want, and eat wherever you want. Totally making this a thing in my world.

star wars & birthdays (but mostly birthdays)

Two big things are happening today: Star Wars & my little sister’s 20th birthday.

Unfortunately my sister and I don’t live in the same city anymore so I subjected her to a battery of questions that I would ask her if we were having coffee at our favorite local coffee shop back home.

She’s witty & punny & overall a cooler person than myself, so enjoy!

  1. What’s your dream job? Starring on Broadway. Either Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Katherine from the Newsies.

  2. How do you drink your coffee? I drink my coffee with lots of flavor and milk! My current fave is the Sugar Browns latte from Sugar Browns in the LBK.

  3. If you could have dinner with any person, who would that be and why?  As cheesy as it sounds, my sister Ashley. I love nothing more than hearing how her day went or even just being with her and not talking. She's one of my best friends and sadly nowadays I just don't get to see her too much anymore.

  4. What is your favorite time of day? My favorite time of the day is whenever I'm able to come home after work or school and just sit with my puppy. Or 10:30a.m. 

  5. How about your favorite pun? Have you ever wondered how Moses makes his tea? Hebrews it!

  6. Perfume of choice? It's a complete guilty pleasure but Boyfriend by Justin Bieber!

  7. Favorite Christmas movie? White Christmas by far! And after I've watched that 30 times, Elf!

  8. Have you ever imagined a world without hypothetical situations? That would be no life I would want to live for hypotheticals are what inspire dreams.

  9. Is there another word for synonym? A word of similar meaning for synonym would have to be equivalent to the word synonym...oh wait, equivalent!

  10. What do you want to be remembered for? I want to be remembered for having a great affinity for puns and other things which inspire laughter, genuine relationships, a desire to serve and love those around me, and above all a heart and love for Jesus Christ.

  11. In your free time, what can you not get enough of? I can never get enough of hugs from my puppy, playing ukulele or piano, and practicing calligraphy.

  12. What’s your guilty pleasure on Netflix? While the title may not inspire guilt it is the sheer number of times I have seen Gilmore Girls (which is now up to 4 times in its entirety).

  13. Why do ‘caregiver’ and ‘caretaker’ mean the same thing? As one gives care to another they more often than not receive care from the recipient as well in the forms of gratitude and feelings of accomplishment and happiness.

  14. What are you doing on your 20th birthday? I will be spending time with my wonderful family! There will be breakfast with my best friend at my favorite coffee shop, Disney movies, Orlando's focaccia, and lots of hugs from my puppy! It's nothing fancy but I'll be surrounded by the people I love which makes it the best day for me.

  15. What gets you up in the morning? My alarm. Haha but after a few snoozes the thought of seeing people I love and getting to hang out with friends is a sure fire way to get me up in the morning!

  16. Why do they call a building a building when it’s already built? Perhaps because we like the idea that they are never finished and that they hold unlimited potential. And maybe because someone just really wanted to mess with people when they named it simply to pose puzzling questions like this one.

  17. Taylor Swift or Adele? Taylor Swift.

  18. Ana or Elsa? Ana, duh!

  19. What did you have for breakfast? Chicken Minis from Chick-fil-a! 

  20. Describe the color yellow to someone who is blind. The color yellow is like a bright warm hug you get from the sun or the feeling you get sitting next to a fire.

See? She's great. 

Welcome to the world of being a 20something, little one! Can't wait to hug you next week :)