technology is the best

Long distance. 

Never did I think that those two words would become much of what my life is. 

- One of my best friends lives 1,000 miles away in Jacksonville
- My family lives 385 miles away in West Texas
- My Apple Guy lives 163 miles away [NOT 540 miles anymore] in Houston 

BUT, thanks to FaceTime&PhotoStreams&AppleWatches&Texting&PhoneCalls I am one happy & sane gal. 

Seriously, technology is the best. 

the day I turned off my computer

Two cups of coffee in, I knew it was time for something to change. 

I started to realize that I'm getting dangerously close to being burned out by my computer, which is not great for someone who aspires to become a web developer and blogs every day.

So I decided to turn my computer off and pick up a book. And oh, the wonders it did for my soul. 

Am I done with my computer forever? Not a chance.
Do I need to schedule more analog time? Without a doubt. 

Cheers to dimming that bright white screen every once and while. 

Also, cheers to new emojis! 🍻

happy launch day!

I wasn't planning on making a big deal out of the launch of the new iPhone 6s

But it's time to move on from my 5s and embrace 3D touch, 12 MP pictures, 4K video, live photos and all the things. 

Apple iPhone 6s Gold

So, today we celebrate launch day [aka the busiest day of the year for Apple Guy] and the day this golden beauty ends up on my doorstep. 

Btw. The yellow gold has totally won out, in my opinion. 

Also. Remember that time the it was Apple Watch's first launch day? Me too :)