the royal we

Confession: I’m a former teacher but I couldn’t tell you the last time I finished a fiction book.

Until now. 

Woz and The Royal We |

I listen to The Lively Show podcast every week during my runs [or on long drives across Texas] and this July was bookclub month. Jess interviewed very different authors on their works, their processes, and their lives. Pst. Jess is my favorite interviewer. That girl has some serious #skillz. 

This interview with co-authors, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, about their latest book really caught my attention.

The Royal We |

Heather and Jessica authored The Royal We as literal co-authors, writing a passage and passing the book between themselves as they wrote. Their style of reading, editing, writing and passing gives the book a unique continuity and life that a single authored book doesn’t possess. 

So I bought the book. And within a few days, I was deep into the world of these fictitious Royals & non-Royals and in total cliche, could not put the book down. 

For the record, I’m not a self-professed Royals fan-girl, but I sure did watch the Royal wedding in 2011 in between classes when I was in college. So for me, this alternative view into the lives of such public people was really fun. Of course most of it is fiction, it’s a fiction book, yo! But it was the perfect ‘get away’ book for me. 

Is this book for you? 

- Are you a fan of the Royals [blood-line, not baseball]?
- Have you ever wondered what it would be in the inner circle of the Royals as an American outsider?
- Do you enjoy a semi-realistic story of two people fumbling into love? 
- Do you want a book you literally can’t put down? 

Answer yes to any of these questions? Great!

First, listen to this.

Then, read this.

weekend reading list

I didn’t know about the “reading list” feature on Safari and iOS until I started dating Apple Guy. It is a magical way to save websites, articles, anything to read later on any of my devices… even without internet access. 


I tend to pile on the articles during the week and try my hardest to read through them on the weekend. But let’s be real, the crazy going on my life right now has put that on the back burner. Thankfully I’ll be finished moving out of my apartment in the morning and I’ll have some dedicated time to read these beauties. 

Here’s what’s on my reading list for this weekend: 


S'mores are my kryptonite [and are actually my 'reward' for finishing this post] so you know I'm a fan of these innovate cookie bites


I aspire to go to culinary school some day. But until then, this guide is going to be insanely helpful.


I've gone to a coding meet-up before but I was over the moon to find this list of 13 tech meet up groups for beginners. Definitely going to be making the rounds this fall. 


Instagram is without a doubt my favorite social media platform. I'm slightly obsessed with the concentrated visual storytelling. I'm excited to give this infographic a close look about how to create the quintessential Instagram feed


This Pixar fan-girl is over the moon about an exhibit featuring the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) aspect of the films


And to end, a little humor and a little wisdom from Apple's CEO Tim Cook.

What's on your weekend reading list?